YouVu Aerial-view, Helicopter & UAV Video & Still Imagery.

Utilising CASA Certified Operators, each YouVu aerial shoot incorporates charter, crew, equipment, stabilisation and editing services.


UAV / Drones are perfect for limited budgets & where Air Traffic Access is restricted whilst still delivering unique elevated sequences without compromise on visual impact and quality.  


  • Customised Aerial Sequences from Ground up to 400 Ft for UAV;

  • Customised Helicopter from 500 / 1000 Ft (Subject to ATC Restrictions);

  • Floor / Elevated 360 degree Level View Perspectives;

  • Orbital & Tracked Aerial Sequences for both UAV and Helicopter Shoot Sequences;

  • Location Proximity Identification & Local Area Surrounds;

  • Shoot Sequence Framework & Flight Plans;

  • Stunning High Definition Video & CG Editing Services;

  • Project Based, Portfolio, Development, Industrial and Commercial Applications;

  • City Metro and Regional Areas Supported;

  • 4K, HD & Web Res edited to your requirements or as part of a larger YouVu shoot;

  • Licensing & Sydndication Rights available.