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Video is 53x more likely than text to appear on the first page of search. 

Video in email marketing increases click through by 96% .

Video brochures and their associated video content are expected to be viewed by x16 other parties over and above the original recipient via brochure referral. know there’s value in video.


You know that everyone needs to be able to see it.

You don’t like Ads and you don’t always want to associate with other brands and your competition.

You want to stand out from the crowd.


Your videos should be clean, crisp and concise, your brand identifiable, and the experience nothing short of eloquent.


You need powerful media that can be found online, listed on portals, emailed, shared via social networks and printed in publications.

You need ubiquity and consistency across these channels.



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YouVu LCD Video Brochures & Video Production
YouVu eMotion LCD Video Brochures

eMotion LCD Video Brochures

YouVu Stils & Video Communications

Stills & Video Communications

Addressing the need to merge printed collateral with rich electronic multimedia content, eMotion LCD Video Brochures combine YouVu's leading property and product videos with traditional printed media.


eMotion LCD Video Brochures support multiple videos or“Channels”. Each YouVu eMotion LCD Video Brochure can accommodate multiple videos about your product or service, which can be played directly from the LCD Video Brochure via an LCD screen and speaker housed within the media pack.


LCD Video Brochures support multiple screen sizes from 1.8 inches to 10 inches within A4 to A6 media packs with up to 7 hours play time, each pack is rechargeable via a USB connector and can be printed with your required artwork and branding.


Delivering world-wide via DHL International Express, YouVu eMotion LCD Video Brochures combine our class leading YouVu Video with offset printed brochures within a single media pack.



  • Multiple Channels for Multiple Videos

  • 1.8", 2.4", 4.3", 5", 7" and 10" LCD Screen Sizes

  • Various Size Media Pack

  • HD & Touch Screen Technology

  • Fast Forward & Rewind, Get Next Video Functions

  • Auto Play & Volume Control

  • Artwork & Design

  • Multiple Finishes including Spot UV, Satin, High Gloss, Embossed

  • Print Finishing & Packaging

  • 128MB to 8GB Flash Memory

  • Up to 7 Hours Play Time & 9 Video Channels

  • Rechargeable via USB

  • Production Sample as Part of Each Run

Corporate, Property, Testimonial, Compliance, Education & Advertorial Video Communication & Professional Still Photography Services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide. Other areas on application.


  • Professional Stills & Video Production

  • Creative Direction

  • Scripting & Design Framework

  • Animation, Motion & 3D Graphics

  • Green Screen

  • Digital Retouching

  • Pre & Post Production

  • Stock Library & Purpose Shot Footage

  • Sound Scores & Professional Voice Over

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YouVu Aerial Photography & Cinematography

Aerial Photography & Cinematography

Utilising CASA Certified Operators, each YouVu UAV shoot incorporates charter, crew, equipment, stabilisation and editing services as part of each customised aerial shoot.


UAV / Drones are perfect for limited budgets & where Air Traffic Access is restricted whilst still delivering unique elevated sequences without compromise on visual impact and quality.  


  • Customised Aerial Sequences from Ground up to 400 Ft for UAV, Helicopter from 500 / 1000 Ft (Subject to ATC Restrictions)

  • UAV Ideal for Floor / Elevated Level View Perspectives

  • Orbital & Tracked Aerial Sequences for both UAV and Helicopter Shoot Sequences

  • Location Proximity Identification & Local Area Surrounds

  • Shoot Sequence Framework & Flight Plans

  • Stunning High Definition Video & CG Editing Services

  • Project Based, Portfolio, Development, Industrial and Commercial Applications