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What is a YouVu eMotion Video Brochure?


A YouVu eMotion Video Brochure is a printed brochure with an LCD screen embedded within a page in the Brochure. The LCD screen is supported by software which enables the screen to play audio visual content (videos). The incorporation of a video within your customary printed brochure is a huge enhancement enabling more tactile and engaging communications with your clients. This is one brochure which will not simply be paced in the filing drawer or put in the bin. This is sure to create the WOW factor! Each brochure can also be associated to a QR code or Near Field Technology chip that once scanned with a smart phone can initiate numerous functions including email, sms, call, send vcard & open web page.


How does the YouVu eMotion Video Brochure work?


There are a number of options, however primarily the video/s will play either when the YouVu eMotion Video Brochure is opened or motion is sensed (Magnetic Switch / Auto Play / Motion Sensitive), or will include a Play button to commence the video.  Other functions which can be incorporated within your brochure are Stop/Pause, Volume Control, Fast Forward/Rewind and Next Video.  We can also incorporate Multiple Channel Buttons for the inclusion of multiple videos. Touch Screen is also available.




How is the YouVu eMotion Video Brochure powered?


Each YouVu eMotion Video Brochure comes with a USB cable to recharge the brochure.  Our standard eMotion Video Brochure has up to 7 hours of play time (Subject to screen resolution and size)






Do I have to provide my own Video/s?


You can provide us with your own video/s to incorporate into your YouVu eMotion Video Brochure.  Alternatively we can work with you in producing a video or videos specific to your brochure requirements. This includes concept, pre and post production, soundtrack and professional voice overs.





Can I incorporate more than 1 video into the brochure?


Yes.  YouVu eMotion Video Brochures come with various memory configurations from 128MB to 2GB. For multiple videos, we can play them end on end or we can incorporate Multiple Channel Buttons for each video and or motion sensitive and magnetic switch operation.





Do YouVu eMotion Video Brochures come in different Brochure Sizes? What about LCD Screen sizes?


Yes.  There are numerous options and combinations available.


  • Brochure sizes: Any – these are fully customised.  Multiple Brochure Finishes including Spot UV, Satin, High Gloss, Foil & Embossed are all available
  • LCD Screen sizes: - 1.8", 2.8", 4.3", 5”, 7" and 10"
What information is required in order to place an order for YouVu eMotion Video Brochures?


Nothing or everything as the case may be.  If you have artwork, brochure specs and your own video, we will work with this and incorporate your content accordingly.  Alternatively you may just have an idea.  In which case we can assist you with:


  • Artwork and Design
  • Video Production
  • and YouVu eMotion Video Brochure completed and delivered natiionally. 


What is the price for YouVu eMotion Video Brochures & Do you ship internationally?


Prices start from as little as $18.00 including printing, USB charging cable, freight and loading of video. Minumum volumes apply.

YouVu ships internationally via DHL World Wide Express and provide consignment numbers for you to track your delivery.




What are YouVu eMotion Video Brochures suitable for?


YouVu eMotion Video Brochures can replace any conventional printed brochure or media pack and are ideal for:


  • Property & Project Marketing
  • Seminars & Events
  • Welcome Packs & VIP Product Lines
  • Corporate Communications
  • Information Memorandums
  • Shareholder Communications
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Training Packs
Buy Safe - LCD Video Brochures

When purchasing your video brochures from the myriad of suppliers who say they specialise in video brochure manufacturing, ask yourself these very important questions...


1) Does the Video Brochure supplier have the appropriate product certifications in place for the supply of video brochures?

2) Do they and or the supply chain meet the regulatory requirements for the provision of video brochures as outlined by product

3) As an importer, do they carry the appropriate insurances as required by the standards set out by the ACCC?


As part of our commitment to quality and safety, YouVu adheres to the required safety certifications for the manufacture and import / export of Video Brochures as part of our supply chain management, and as such, carries all associated insurances for this service. 


....Perhaps a point worth considering when selecting your video brochure supplier for your own company and or as an agency on behalf of your clients.


For more information on product safety requirements when selecting your video brochure supplier, contact us at

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