eMotion Video Brochures

Introducing YouVu eMotion Video Brochures

Harness the power of video – in print. YouVu eMotion Video Brochures allow you to engage your audience using video content embedded and displayed within a printed brochure.

Supporting multiple videos or “Channels", each YouVu eMotion Video Brochure can accommodate multiple videos, which can be played directly from the brochure via an LCD screen and speaker housed within the media pack.

Supporting multiple screen sizes from 1.8 inches to 10.1 inches, brochure sizes start from the size of a credit card up to an A6 media pack, each with up to 2 hours of play time and rechargeable via a USB connector.

Brochures are fully customisable according to your artwork and branding.

When choosing a video brochure supplier it is important that you understand a little about the product and some of the dangers you can encounter.

We use only the best quality components – all OEM! This includes LCD screens, batteries, speakers and memory. Don’t settle for the cheapest price Brochures from China. Customers have reported second hand/faulty/poor resolution LCD screens, speakers with a low audio output, batteries that lose charge, the list goes on…. It’s worth investing in quality.

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