Stand out from the Crowd - Putting eMotion in Print

LCD Video Brochures
YouVu eMotion Video Brochures offer your business the opportunity to

  • Target your clients or prospective clients

  • Engage them in a way which promotes your business, product or service in a highly memorable way, and

  • Connect with them through this experience

Combining the rapidly growing medium of 'video' (think YouTube - billions of users), with the powerful and more traditional medium of print where people still like to touch and feel.

Together you have YouVu eMotion Video Brochures, putting eMotion into Print.

In Business we are always looking for a competitive advantage… a way to get ahead of the competition, differntiate your offering and secure future clients.

YouVu eMotion Video Brochures have the ability to WOW your audience, convey a large amount of information in a short amount of time, getting straight to the point and hitting hard. Offering the potential to boost sales, increase brand awareness and most importantly, differentiate you from your competitors.

The messages you convey in your YouVu eMotion Video Brochures can then be shared with peers and other decision makers, a long time after your meeting has concluded.

Why do you need YouVu eMotion Video brochures?

  • YouVu eMotion Video Brochures will personally and reliably deliver your customers and prospective customers a truly memorable and engaging experience.

  • Your audience will be WOWED by your professionalism and innovation leading the way for your competitors to follow…

  • It’s a fact. Video builds trust. More than 80% of people prefer to watch a video than read textually based presentations

  • Not everyone clicks on email links but Video Brochure open rates are amazing and the reach huge. (We believe each Video Brochure is passed on to up to 15 people.

  • Video Brochures can be re-charged and re-used.

When do video brochures work best?

  • Product and Service Marketing

  • Personal Promotion

  • Project Marketing

  • Business Pitches and Tender Responses

  • Information Memorandums

  • Seminars & Events

  • Welcome Packs & VIP Product Lines

  • Product/Service Launch

  • Corporate Communications

  • Shareholder Communications

  • Quarterly Reports

  • Trade Shows

  • Targeted Marketing

  • Point of Sale

  • Event Invitations

  • Training Packs

Ultimately they are designed for those who want to lead the way and stand out from the crowd.

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