Personalised Text & Dynamic Video Brochures to each and every one of your customers in one video

YouVu is excited to announce a further enhancement to our class leading video brochure experience. "Dynamic / Variable Print in a Single Run"

x1 Print Run = x200 Brochures WITH x200 Variations!!!

Looking to provide that personal touch with your video brochure communications to each one of your prospects or audience...?

Much like a personalised letter incorporating variable text and specific content per piece, available now, is the ability to make each Video Brochure unique from not only a design & video perspective, but from a recipient viewpoint as well.

What does this mean, its pretty simple, in each brochure run, each printed brochure can be personalised in respect to its printed content, ie in a run of 200 brochures, each video brochure can have different printed content.

YouVu's Dynamic Print Process incorporates:

Personalised naming conventions and salutation(s).

Variable printed text per video brochure based upon customer / prospect specific content.

Ability to incorporate dynamic graphics, variable paragraphs & colours.

Conditional logic meaning each brochure is unique with respect to its content and recipient audience.

Ability to incorporate xml / csv feeds from your database at a customer level as part of your overall CRM Strategy.

...All available in the single print run.

Contact us now for more information on the opportunity to fully personalise your video brochures and get the jump on your competition...

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