What is a Video Brochure?


Video Brochures merge printed media with LCD Video Screens within a brochure, ergo the term “Video Brochure”


A Video Brochure’s Value Proposition resides with it’s ability to deliver Video Content within a self -contained media pack, without

the need for an internet connection and or external power.


A video brochure is made up of the following components:

1)     LCD Screen, either IPS, HD or Standard Definition & Touch Screens, from 2.8” to 10.1”

2)     PCB (Printed Circuit Board), that controls the functionality of the screen & Video Content

3)     Speaker(s), either mono or stereo

4)     Battery, which is rechargeable via a supplied USB connection

5)     Printed Packaging, including Brochures, Presentation Boxes, Mini Mailers & Binders


Used as a sales development tool, Video Brochures provide a high impact experience to your customers and prospects.

By combining Print and the Power of Video media, Video Brochures have a significant ROI with strong referral and re-watch appeal over conventional printed material that is often discarded.

Combining Sight, Sound and the Tactility of Fully Personalised Printed Media Pack, Video Brochures provide a multi-sensory experience (Sight, Sound & Touch), delivering a memorable introduction for your company, message or promotion.

Video Brochures can be fully customisable in respect to brochure or pack size, printed content and print finishes

(including Satin, Gloss, Embossing & Foil), number of pages (bound or loose leaf inserted), brochure material (card, artboard, leatherette), functions (Play / Pause, FF, RW, Volume and Next Video) and the number of videos (from 1 to 9 with independent channels to 27 on Touch Screens)


Whether your are promoting your brand, product line or event, a Video Brochure provides your  message eloquently,

being both a fluent way to deliver your message and persuasive in respect to its presentation.

eMotion LCD Video Brochure Applications

YouVu eMotion LCD Video Brochures will personally and reliably deliver your customers and prospective customers a truly

memorable and engaging experience.


Your audience will be WOWED by your professionalism and innovation leading the way ahead of your competition…


It’s a fact.  Video builds trust. More than 80% of people prefer to watch a video than read textually based presentations.


Not everyone clicks on email links but LCD Video Brochure open rates are amazing and the reach huge with each LCD Video

Brochure being referred or passed onto multiple people extending the potential recipient scope and viewership.

Ultimately, YouVu eMotion Video Brochures are designed for those who want to lead the way and stand out from their competition.


LCD Video Brochures can be re-charged and re-used.



When do video brochures work best...?

  • Product and Service Marketing

  • Project Marketing

  • Business Pitches and Tender Responses

  • Information Memorandums

  • Seminars & Events

  • Welcome Packs & VIP Product Lines

  • Product/Service Launches

  • Corporate Communications

  • Shareholder Communications

  • Quarterly Reports

  • Trade Shows

  • Targeted Marketing

  • Point of Sale

  • Event Invitations

  • Training Packs

YouVu's Best-in-Class LCD Video Brochures...

  • High Definition, Touch & IPS Quality Screens in each Video Brochure

  • 2.8" to 10" Screens

  • WiFi Enabled

  • 4 Colour Offset Printed Video Brochures, Video Presentation Boxes & Video Folders

  • Auto Play, Play/Pause, FF/RW, Volume Control within the Video Brochure 

  • Creative Artwork & Design & Video Production Services

  • Each Video Brochure is re-chargeable with inbuilt Micro USB connection (cable supplied)

  • Support for 8 Videos within each Fully Customisable Video Brochure

  • OEM Parts with 12 Month Factory Warranty, Product Safe to ACCC Standards

YouVu's eMotion Video Brochure support multiple videos or "channels" & Play Functions including the new and innovative

Touch Screen functionality.

Each Video Brochure accommodates multiple videos, played directly from the video brochure via an LCD screen & speaker

housed within the offset or digitally printed media pack.


With Rewind, Fast Forward, Next Chapter, Volume Control, Automatic Play, Motion Sense & Magnetic Switches, each Video

Brochure can be custom designed to your unique requirements and incorporate the offset print quality and flexibility including

Spot UV, Embossing & Foil finishes, normally associated to high impact print projects & media packs.

YouVu's in-house design and creative services can assist you with your artwork, alternatively we can provide you with the necessary templates and specifications for you to provide your own artwork and to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the design and LCD

Video Brochure functionality, we will provide you a production sample for approval prior to each run.

Available now as part of YouVu's People, Product & Event (PPE) Video Production & Corporate Communication Services.


For more information, contact us now on +61 2 8005 8480 or email sales@youvu.com.au

eMotion Brochure is a Registered Trademark of YouVu Interactive Pty Ltd. 

YouVu eMotion LCD Video Brochures will personally and reliably deliver your customers and prospective customers a truly memorable and engaging experience.
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